What does it mean to give our hands and feet to Christ?

Jesus said, “I am the way [piety], and the truth [study], and the life [action]”.

 John 14:6

The three themes of piety (giving our hearts to Christ), study (giving our minds to Christ), and life (giving our hands and feet to Christ) serve as three pillars that support our Fourth Day lives.

What does it mean to give our hands and feet to Christ?  St. Paul, writing to the Corinthian Christians (1 Corinthians 12 – 14), makes some very bold statements.  He tells us that the Holy Spirit equips us with spiritual gifts so that we can serve one another.  From my perspective, this means there is no Sunday worship without weekday service to others.  The other point that comes so clearly is none of us are equipped with all God’s gifts and abilities; each one of us is uniquely equipped to, “play the position”, the Holy Spirit assigns us.  Among other things, that means there are fellow-believers out there who the Holy Spirit has equipped us to meet their needs… and there are fellow-believers out there who are equipped by the Holy Spirit to meet our needs.

So how do I discern the gifts and abilities the Holy Spirit has equipped me with?  Gwen Hess, LVE’s Assistant Community Lay Director, suggests you start by taking the UMC’s Spiritual Gifts Assessment (http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/spiritual-gifts-online-assessment), then prayerfully ask God for your, “next steps” or what you will do with what God has shown you.  As with any self-discovery process, there are bound to be questions.   Consider talking with your pastor.  Consider sharing your reactions and questions with a fellow-believer you trust and will be accountable to.  Finally, look for opportunities to exercise the gifts God has given you.  In other words, Play Your Position.

Please remember the following persons and LVE opportunities:

  1. Pray daily for Merv Greenwood and Karen Brooks as they form their respective teams for the upcoming Walk to Emmaus weekend.
  2. Consider arriving around 4:30 at the next Gathering (Feb 18th at Pender UMC) to share your fourth day experiences and color table mats with fellow believers.  This simple spiritual exercise is a great way to get to know other LVE members and to share God’s personal love with others.
  3. Invite and bring friends to Loudoun Valley Emmaus’ monthly Gatherings.  If someone has an interest in The Walk to Emmaus or you believe that someone should have an interest, the easiest “next step” is to bring them to our Gatherings.  Plan to arrive with those friends and an extra dish at the Pot Luck Dinner which starts at 5:30pm, then accompany those friends into an hour’s singing, praising, and sharing at the Gathering (6:30pm until 8:00pm).

Don Holt
Central Texas #109, Table of St. Paul