Board Nominations Underway

Our two Weekend Lay Leaders have reported that they have completed their teams and have begun their team meetings for the Fall Walks.

Merv Greenwood is listening and assembling the names of persons who are prepared to serve on the Board.  Elections for 5 slots will be held in November.  Anyone who is willing to serve (who has previously teamed) is able to submit their name for consideration.  Please pray for the Community and for candidates who are willing to serve on the Board and accept whatever assignment they are given.  Generally, the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus expects that Board Members (except the Board Representative) will not serve inside the Conference Room for their three-year term.

I hope to see many of you at the October Gathering at the Oxon Hill UMC.

Please pray for the Pilgrims and servants and the LVE Community!

Phil Hannum, CLD, LV # 5