Blessed by LV84

Loudoun Valley Emmaus’ Fourth Day reached another milestone with LV84 (Women’s) Walk to Emmaus that took place at the 4H Center in Front Royal on Thursday, May 18th through Sunday, May 21st. Many were blessed as they prayed, made splash agape or offered snack agape. Some prayed and served as Day Servants, others prayed and served as Resident Outside Support servants. Many were blessed as they began praying months ago to invite and subsequently sponsor fellow church members and friends whose lives would benefit from a 72-hour time of learning, reflection, and sharing with fellow believers about their daily Walk. Others were blessed as they prayed together as a team over several meetings as part of their preparation to serve in the Conference Room. Some paused in their daily routine during the 72 hours to pray for those serving and those receiving in the Conference Room. Everyone in the Loudoun Valley Emmaus Community was blessed because 16 new Loudoun Valley Emmaus members stood up to share their faith and their call as a first step in their Fourth Day lives.

St. Mark introduces Jesus’ feeding the five thousand in Mark 6 as follows. The disciples asked Jesus to dismiss the hungry crowd so they could find something to eat at the end of a long walk home. Jesus responds with a simple, clear directive, “You give them something to eat” (v37).  When we obey the call to share who we are and what we have with our fellow church members and friends in response to the authority and guidance of the Holy Spirit, our Fourth Days are abundantly blessed just as Jesus, his disciples, and the crowd were blessed in Mark 6.


Don Holt
Central Texas #109, Table of St. Paul