Next Steps

Jesus said, “I am the way [piety], and the truth [study], and the life [action]”.

John 14:6

The three themes of piety (giving our hearts to Christ), study (giving our minds to Christ), and life (giving our hands and feet to Christ) serve as three pillars that support our Fourth Day lives. As we start the new year of 2017, I invite you to join me in asking/praying for specific steps in these three areas to continue our growth as Christ’s hands and feet in our personal lives and in the life of Loudoun Valley Emmaus.

The key “next steps” for me are:

  1. Pray daily for Merv Greenwood and Karen Brooks as they form their respective teams for the upcoming Walk to Emmaus weekends in May.
  2. Prayerfully inventory the spiritual gifts and abilities God has graced you with and ask where the Holy Spirit is leading you to invest those gifts and abilities in 2017. If you haven’t already, talk to your church’s Pastor about your prayers with respect to your church’s ministries. Loudoun Valley Emmaus has many opportunities to be “Christ’s hands and feet” across the Community’s monthly activities. Please contact me or Gwen Hess (2017 Assistant Community Lay Director) about your interests and questions.
  3. Invite and bring friends to Loudoun Valley Emmaus’ monthly Gatherings. If someone has an interest in The Walk to Emmaus or you believe that someone should have an interest, the easiest “next step” is to bring them to our Gatherings. Plan to arrive with those friends and an extra dish at the Pot Luck Dinner which starts at 5:30pm, then accompany those friends into an hour’s singing, praising, and sharing at the Gathering (6:30pm until 8:00pm).

Don Holt
Central Texas #109, Table of St. Paul