Fall Walks

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray that everyone had a wonderful and Blessed Easter Sunday. Easter is not over after the Sunday celebration – it is just beginning and continues throughout the Easter Season to Pentecost Sunday! This year Pentecost is on June 9th. We will have one more Gathering during the Easter Season, on Saturday, May 18th at Burnt Factory UMC. The Worship gathering at 6:30 PM will be proceeded by the Day of Deeper Understanding (DDU) at 4:30 PM, and the Pot Luck at 5:30 PM.

This spring Lonnie DeHart and Mary Snyder were scheduled to lead the LV89 and LV 90 walks. We had to postpone these walks (they are not canceled – just re-scheduled) because we didn’t have enough pilgrims.  We must have 20 men and 20 women pilgrims to hold a walk. Lonnie and Mary have agreed to lead the walks this fall – let’s make sure we have plenty of applications.

Let me tell you why I am continually focusing on the number of applicants and pilgrims. Each fall the leadership of our local churches does a sermon series on Stewardship. Just as the leadership of our churches is called to be good stewards of the Churches finances; the LV Emmaus Board of Directors and I are called to be good stewards of the community’s money. In the past, the Board and Community has made the decision to hold walks without sufficient pilgrims.  This results in the weekend costing more money than is brought in through fees for the pilgrims and the team.  It is not a sustainable model.

My husband and I have been participants in this community for two decades. We have sponsored a number of people that have blessed this community with their service.  Who do you know that you can sponsor? Remember the Walk to Emmaus is an experience of Christian spiritual renewal. It is a short course in Christianity – and designed to inspire, challenge, and equip our Brothers and Sisters in Christ to action in their homes, churches, and communities.  Surely you know someone who is ready to be inspired, challenged, and equipped for this mission.

If you are looking for an inspirational movie – may I suggest I can Only Imagine. It is a 2018 film about the song of the same name by Mercy Me. My husband and I both enjoyed this very much.

Our next gathering will be at Burnt Factory United Methodist Church, 1943 Jordan Springs Rd, Stephenson, VA 22656. We will have a DDU at 4:30 pm, for those that haven’t attended one. I hope to see you there!

Pam Sallada
LVE #30 (table of Abiding Peace)

Next Walks are Right Around the Corner

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Your walk, however long ago, was a special gift for you.  We now have the opportunity to share the same gift with a friend or a family member.

In the Fall, the Board selected March 21-24, 2019 for the men’s weekend and March 28-31, 2019 for the women’s weekend.  (This was done for a variety of reasons designed to avoid Mother’s Day and spring breaks, etc.).

Given a compressed time window, the Board is requesting that the Community submit Pilgrim and Sponsor Applications no later than 1/18/2019. 

Please pray for those you have considered sponsoring and forward the applications to the address displayed on the application.

The January Newsletter will announce the new Weekend Lay Leaders as well as the Community’s new Spiritual Director.

Pilgrim Application:
Sponsor Application:

Thank you and God Bless LVE
Phil Hannum CLD 2018

Board Nominations Underway

Our two Weekend Lay Leaders have reported that they have completed their teams and have begun their team meetings for the Fall Walks.

Merv Greenwood is listening and assembling the names of persons who are prepared to serve on the Board.  Elections for 5 slots will be held in November.  Anyone who is willing to serve (who has previously teamed) is able to submit their name for consideration.  Please pray for the Community and for candidates who are willing to serve on the Board and accept whatever assignment they are given.  Generally, the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus expects that Board Members (except the Board Representative) will not serve inside the Conference Room for their three-year term.

I hope to see many of you at the October Gathering at the Oxon Hill UMC.

Please pray for the Pilgrims and servants and the LVE Community!

Phil Hannum, CLD, LV # 5

“Christ is counting on you….”

“Christ is counting on you….”

Remember those words? Immediately prior to your response during your Walk?

“And I am counting on Christ!”

Somewhere over the last thirty years, for each of us, the question was asked and answered.

In August, the Community has no Gathering, but the Board has a breakfast/Board meeting on August 25, 2018 at Marshall UMC between 0900 and 1200 and Community members interested in becoming Regional Representatives, Board Members, Spiritual Directors and servants are welcome to attend.

The July Gathering, I have been told, was bathed in heavy rains. It rained so hard that the roof leaked and buckets were strategically placed to catch the water. I was not present and I have read that the Board had 8 attendees and an estimated 20 persons heard Stan Kurzeja’s 4th Day Talk.

Ecclesiastes 3 A Time for Everything
There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heavens:
2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,
3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

The Board needs the Community’s prayers for its August Board retreat because it must consider which phase of the life cycle Loudoun Valley Emmaus finds itself; thriving/struggling. We seek your wisdom in your prayers and we seek Solomon’s wisdom, reflected – in part – in the referenced passage.
The time to plant and the time to build, were clearly displayed in the first 18 or so years of LVE’s life. Your Board is confronted with the question of what “season” we currently find ourselves visiting.
I will close with a passage which inspires me:

Luke 9:62 Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

Phil Hannum, CLD, LV # 5

Regional Reps

Please Gather with us at Pender UMC on July 21, 2018.

This month, we have a Board meeting that starts one hour early at 3:00 pm so that Training Opportunities are made available current and prospective Regional Representatives.

Regional Representative Training will be conducted between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm. Current Regional Representatives will join Community members who may be interested in serving from these particular Regions:

  • Chantilly/Fairfax
  • Herndon/Reston
  • Leesburg
  • Manassas
  • Marshall/Warrenton

Please refer to the section of this newsletter that provides more information on Regional Reps.

Pender UMC looks forward to hosting the July Gathering because we have a New Pastor who looks forward to sharing her story which notes Pender as an event along her way. Pastor Catharine Guest, one of the Community’s two Spiritual Directors, commenced her service at Pender on July 1, 2018. Please join us in welcoming her to the Gathering.

Looking ahead, please note the Community has no meeting in August, however, the Board will meet in August. In September, we will meet at Pleasant Valley UMC on 15th for our annual Picnic Gathering.

The women’s and men’s walks need more Pilgrim applications and everyone is encouraged to pray and consider sponsoring the people who have been laid upon your hearts and send in their applications soon.

Phil Hannum, CLD, LV # 5

Cascading Consequences

Matthew 7:7-8  “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

[These two verses in Matthew remind us what we are promised when we take action. What are YOU doing to support your Loudoun Valley Emmaus Community?]

There was no February Gathering because a snowstorm created too much risk for anyone attempting to make the drive. Notices were issued and the Board hopes that no one made the trip without receiving the notice.

Our next Gathering is at Duncan UMC in Berryville, Va and the Board will be considering dates and locations because we are currently unable to act decisively while waiting for more Pilgrim Applications to be submitted. Since January 1, 2018, we have received one application from a Pilgrim/Sponsor. In the January Newsletter, we read that the Bible instructs us to “wait upon the Lord.”  I hope that each of us are asking, seeking and knocking for the opportunity to have Emmaus Weekends in which women and men can receive their unique and tailor-made expression of love from the risen Christ!

The Community needs to pray for sufficient Pilgrim applications from which the Board can take prudent steps in planning the next weekends. We know that prayer is a necessity for our Community for all matters and I am upping my prayer requests for our weekends and more pilgrim applications.

At our Board Meeting on January 20, 2018, the Board discussed the cascading consequences which we face. First, since we do not know when the renovations at the 4-H center will be complete, several Board Members have been exploring alternative sites with all deliberate speed. Second, teams will have to travel to the storage site and pick-up the gear for the weekend and the team also has to tear-down following the weekend and return gear to the storage area. I am pleased to report that we are advancing on site selection and have been assured by Board and Community Members that we will have many volunteers to transport gear at both ends of the weekend. I hope this explains why the dates listed on the Newsletter were “tentative.”

God provides!  God is handling this problem while we endeavor to find His solution through prayer. I encourage everyone to come to the March Gathering at Duncan Memorial UMC, in Berryville, and to bring a guest, especially if it is someone you may be considering to sponsor.

Phil Hannum LV #5

God Provides

Luke 24:31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight. 32 They asked each other, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?

Those who attended the January 4th Day presentation were blessed with an excellent illustration of the battle which rages within a person who sins against his fellow man and God while being tugged by the Holy Spirit to draw closer to God’s Word. We heard how the remedy from the pick-pick-picking of Satan may be found in retreating to our car for an hour and reading the Bible during lunch. May all of us recognize the efforts of Satan and also find our remedy through the nudging of the Holy Spirit.

In December 2017, members of the Community went to the 4-H Center, in response to their request, and removed all of our property. We quickly found a storage area, in Winchester, and secured the Community’s property. This action was necessary because of needed maintenance.

At our Board Meeting on January 20, 2018, the Board discussed the cascading consequences which we face on two fronts. First, since we do not know when the renovations will be complete, several Board Members have been exploring alternative sites with all deliberate speed. Second, teams will have to travel to the site and pick-up the gear for the weekend and the team also has to tear-down following the weekend and return gear to the storage area.

I am pleased to report that we are advancing on site selection and have been assured by Board and Community Members that we will have many volunteers to transport gear at both ends of the weekend.

Members of the Community have provided suggested sites and several have been fully explored. We hope to be very close to determining the next site at the February Board Meeting and the community will be notified at the Gathering following the decision and also in the Newsletter.

I hope this explains why the dates listed on the January Newsletter were “tentative.”

God provides! God has this problem while we endeavor to find His solution and; we do not yet have enough applications to justify setting a date.

Finally, the Community was introduced to three “Emmaus” Pastors now serving in our region that articulated how they are anxious to get back into teaming as Spiritual Directors and, with Prayer, they may initiate sponsorship for some Pilgrims attending their churches.

I invite everyone to come to the February Gathering at Macedonia UMC, near White Post/Stephens City and to consider inviting someone – even if they’ve never walked – if you’ve been in prayer for them or if you’ve been led by the Spirit of Holiness.

Phil Hannum LV #5

LVE Stories

What does it mean to do agape in the context of Loudoun Valley Emmaus? Take a look at the cross and lanyard you received if you walked on a LVE Walk to Emmaus or look at your fellow-LVE’ers cross. Ever wonder who made those? The current cross and lanyard come from two LVE Community members who tell their story:

The Cross: In the early 1900s Lloyd Spencer started the Spencer lumber company in Fenwick, West Virginia. The company spent many decades managing the forests and select cuts of old timber in the mountains of Nicholas County. Glenn Spencer (Lloyd’s oldest son) took over managing the company and carried on his father’s focus on community and Christian Faith. Along the way Glenn milled a lot of the wood used to build the Macedonia United Methodist Church in Fenwick, WV, and in the midst of the booming lumber business of the mid 1900s he also milled a small, seemingly insignificant walnut tree. That walnut tree did not have a purpose at the time and was stored in one of the family barns for use on a future project.  Glenn went home to be with our Lord in 2010. That walnut lumber laid hidden in the top of that barn for another 6 years. Shortly after being hauled out of that old barn, the LVE leadership team sent out a request for support to make the crosses that memorialize your walk with Jesus and your time on the mountain. That seemingly insignificant walnut tree, as with all things in Christ, now had a purpose. As we have all learned during our walks, we are all on God’s time. There may be times when we question our purpose or struggle in vain to understand what our purpose is, but just like that insignificant walnut tree, our purpose is known to him and discovered by us as we learn to walk closer with him.  De Colores, Bryan Spencer LV81

The Lanyard: When I was on the Chrysalis board we found some nylon thread that was called “crayon mix” in their supplies. I wanted to try it for the Chrysalis crosses. I really liked the way it didn’t get little nubs like the yarn did, so I tried making a lanyard with the new thread. I loved it because it was bright, vibrant and non-nubby! It also doesn’t scratch your neck because it is made from slicker material. So we started making them and measured them to be 36″ from end to end of the crocheted part so they would all be the same length. Personally I love the new lanyards! I hope everyone else does, too. We are using the same lanyard makers as before and we are purchasing the nylon thread from Hobby Lobby.  Linda Crowder, LV52

Both these anecdotes show how we can be Christ’s hands and feet in and through the ordinary circumstances of our daily lives. That’s what doing agape is all about. And speaking of Christ’s hands and feet in our daily lives, we have two Walks coming up very quickly. Both Walks present opportunities and calls to pray, to make splash agape – anonymous, visable signs of Loudoun Valley Emmaus’ commitment to new pilgrims – and to support the pilgrims and team members with our presence during their 72-hours at the 4H Center in Front Royal.


Don Holt
Central Texas #109, Table of St. Paul