A Time to Pray

In a few days, a group of ladies will come together at the 4H Center for another Walk to Emmaus weekend. Some of those ladies will be present due to a friend’s encouraging invitation. Others will be present to enable and lead the group. All will be there to intentionally step away for 72 hours from their daily lives and responsibilities in order to review and reflect on their relationship with Jesus Christ in their daily lives in a manner similar to the way Cleopus and his friend did as they walked from Jerusalem to Emmaus with the resurrected Christ on the first Easter (Luke 24:13-25).

This is an opportunity for the greater LVE Community to stop and remember what we learned on our Walk to Emmaus and it’s impact on our daily priorities.

It’s also an opportunity to engage in one of the key spiritual gifts God has given each of us; prayer. Please pray daily for this group. Please join LVE’s Prayer Vigil by clicking on the Prayer Vigil link below and selecting a time when you will stop and pray for LV84: