Welcome New Members

Congratulations to the Loudoun Valley Emmaus Community for hosting two Walks in 2018, 30 + Pilgrims have been added to our Community and their testimonies were incendiary. One young man, on the 28th of October, told the Community that he is now on fire and will go back off the mountain and spread the flames. The Pilgrims reported that they will be coming to the November DDU at St. Thomas UMC and they want to complete DDU so they can sponsor their friends and family. Extraordinary men and women from our Community went beyond the expectations of members and Board members in ensuring two successful walk weekends.

At the women’s closing ceremony, 22 ladies testified to their joy accompanying their walks. One lady stated that she, “…realizes that she is not alone.” Another lady stated that, “…during this weekend, God gave her 43 sisters!” We hope to see these new members at our DDU and Gathering on November 17, 2018 and we will certainly have applications available so that they can sponsor their friends and family.

For the Community, please consider being on the Board as we will vote November 17, 2018, for five new Board members. The Board Meeting is open to all and will begin at 2:30 PM on the 17th.

God bless LVE

Phil Hannum, CLD, LV # 5