Curious about this Walk to Emmaus thing that your church friends keep inviting you to attend? There are no secrets, no special handshakes, and no exclusive privileges. You’ll find local details here on this website and more information on national and international programs on The Upper Room Emmaus website.

Your church friends see your potential to grow spiritually, intellectually, and in service for the purposes of furthering God’s mission. In the three days you spend on the mountain, you will participate in a course on what it means to live daily as a Christian – giving your heart to God, giving your mind to God, and giving your hands and feet to God – all while under God’s abundant grace.

Sessions on living the Christian life are taught by laity who share their personal stories of struggle and victory. Sessions on the many forms of God’s grace are taught by local clergy who present an ecumenical view with respect to all Christian traditions.

Once you find out what your friends see in you, you can continue your journey with the local Emmaus Community. At Loudoun Valley Emmaus, we meet monthly for a pot luck and celebratory worship service with communion under the authority of the host pastor. We call this monthly meeting a Gathering. You’ll find the date and location of the next Gathering on the right hand side of this page.

We also meet more often in small groups to share our own daily struggles and victories. As a full community, we focus on equipping church members to live the Christian life more fully in support of their local church. Everything we do is in partnership with our respective pastors.

Ask God if now is the time to say yes. Peruse the site and if you have more questions, contact us through the email link below.