LVE Community activities are managed by a Board of Directors as specified in the 2014 ByLaws in compliance with The Upper Room of the United Methodist Church. The Board is spiritually supervised by local clergy from churches within the LVE Community.

NOTE: A 2017 update to the ByLaws has been approved by a LVE Board quorum on August 19, 2017. Per Article 10 of the current ByLaws, these ByLaws will go into effect 60 days after this posting (November 19, 2017) unless the Board receives a petition signed by 25 LVE members objecting to one or more of the amendments.

Board Members are elected by the LVE Community each October to serve in overlapping 3-year terms, with a term limit of 4 consecutive years.

The area covered by the LVE Community Board spreads from Oxen Hill, MD, on the east to Winchester, VA, on the west, and includes parts of the Northern Virginia counties of Alexandria, Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, and Fauquier.

2018 Board Officers

Board Officers are elected by Board Members from their ranks and serve for one year.

Community Lay Director Phil Hannum 2019
Assistant Community Lay Director Debbie Jacobus 2019
Spiritual Director Leah DeLong 2018
Secretary Pam Sallada 2020
Treasurer Ce Pike 2019

Committee Chairs

Each Committee Chair (listed first) and Vice-Chair (listed second) is a voting member of the Board and is responsible for building a team of LVE Community members to accomplish the work of the committee.

Please reach out to any Board Member through the email icon below to let them know you are willing to help.

Committee Chairs get direction from the Board and are accountable to the Board for accomplishments.

NOTE: Committee assignments are likely to change for 2018, but may not appear on this website until later in January. The list below is from 2017.

Agape Cheryl Cartwright 2017
Debbie Jacobus 2019
Communications Gail Haddock 2019
Gwen Hess 2018
Facilities Lonnie DeHart 2018
Barb DeHart 2018
Gatherings Gwen Hess 2018
Manuals & Records Ce Pike 2019
Music Cheryl Monroe-Medonich 2018
Registrar Phil Hannum 2019
Team Selection Phil Hannum 2019
Cheryl Monroe-Medonich 2018
Training Gwen Hess 2018
Leah DeLong 2017